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The Text Exchange Network FAQ Page

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list is intended as a general source of information and answers regarding questions about The Text Exchange Network. Currently the questions are arranged exactly as they were received, however sorting them some other way may make more sense in the future. Detailed questions not answered here should be addressed to

This is version 0.2A, Last modified Monday, 20 November 2000

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The information in this FAQ is based on

See the How To Join section at the end for info. on becoming a member of the network yourself.

We try to update this FAQ as often as possible. Again, if you have a question that is not answered here, by all means drop us an email and we'll not only do our best to respond promptly, but your question will also be added to the FAQ.


Q1: How do I regenerate the HTML codes for the various implementations of the Personal Portal?

Members can regenerate the HTML codes by first navigating to the Home Page.

In the leftmost dark blue panel, click the "Login" radio button then enter your email address (the one you used to sign up with), and finally your password. Click "Go" and you`ll be sent directly to Member Central.

Follow the link in the leftmost gray shaded area which says "Regenerate various Personal Portal implementation HTML codes". This will trigger a new pop-up browser window containing the HTML codes. From here the various HTML codes can be cut and pasted into your pages as needed.

Q2: Must I display the Personal Portal content box in order to earn credits?

Yes. Credits can only be earned via the Personal Portal content box which must first be incorporated into your web pages.

Q3: How do I earn network appearance credits?

Network appearance credits are earned whenever certain events or actions take place regarding the Personal Portal content box displayed on your pages according to the following schedule:

FREE Credit Structure
Action Credits comments
Link displayed 1 per member link
Member link click thru 3 per click thru
Ad link click thru 3 per click thru
New member recruited 10 per signup
Up to a maximum of
50 credits per month

Send us an email to receive details about our fee based plans

Q4: What sort of information is contained in the Personal Portal content box?

There are at least three areas from top to bottom displayed in the box as follows:

Q5: Can I be sure that no "inappropriate" content will appear in the box?

We review every signup and every potential message, not to mention the fact that the Terms & Conditions displayed during signup strictly prohibit inappropriate postings.

If by any chance you ever see what you consider to be an inappropriate message appearing in the member links area of the Personal Portal content box, please send an email to, specifying the company name displayed and we`ll investigate immediately.

Q6: Can I dictate the content displayed in the box?

The Personal Portal content box is configurable by you, the webmaster.

By default the box will display on your pages with at least the following three areas shown:

The Member Links Area and the Featured Sponsors Area will always display. What is configurable by you is the area between these two segments.

Q7: How do I implement the Personal Portal content box?

After obtaining the HTML codes either following registration or from Member Central, simply follow the implementation instructions below.

The basic HTML for implementing the Personal Portal into your pages is as follows:
var memberid='sample';
var loadstr='';
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript1.2' SRC='' TYPE='text/javascript'></script>

Remember, you must eventually use your own member id in order to start earning appearance credits.

This code can be placed anywhere on any page in order for you to achieve the look you desire.

The optional form of the HTML syntax to insert into your pages could look something like this:
var memberid='sample';
var loadstr='s';
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript1.2' SRC='' TYPE='text/javascript'></script>

where "loadstr=s" indicates to display Sports News when your page initially loads.

Another example is:
var memberid='sample';
var loadstr='b,t';
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE='JavaScript1.2' SRC='' TYPE='text/javascript'></script>

which indicates that both Business and Technology News sections should appear in the center section of the box.

The following is a list of available letter codes (which could appear separated by commas after "loadstr="), and their meanings:

Note: Weather and Horoscopes, ar not configurable because they require a user response before they can be displayed in the box.


To join The Text Exchange Network simply navigate to the Home Page and follow any one of the Join links.

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