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FREE promotion, content, and reporting services for your Web site or page delivered via the TextEx.net PersonalPortal® shown at right

Earn an additional 10 credits every time you recruit a new member!!!

  • NOT just another static text table, this one's filled with dynamic content that changes EVERY TIME THE PAGE LOADS

  • All links within the PersonalPortal generate only new windows, which means visitors never really leave your site.

  • Suprisingly simple to implement (just paste a few lines of HTML into any web page)

  • No graphics to download, so it's fast!

  • Can be incorporated into any web page or implemented as a "pop-up"

  • Earn valuable network appearance credits whenever the PersonalPortal appears on your site or page

  • In the near future we'll be filling the box with all sorts of interesting stuff like:
    • visitor customization capabilities
    • personal productivity applications
    • site search, threaded forums, bookmark management and site ratings,
    • online games
    • and maybe even chat


The TextEx.net PersonalPortal® is designed with two things in mind:
  • to spread the word about your web site or page on our growing network (via links and messages just like the ones shown above)

  • to help you attract visitors and keep them coming back (by offering interesting and targeted content along with exciting interactive features and loads of FREE services)

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               Note: In order to earn credits you must display
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Earn an additional 10 credits every time you recruit a new member!!!
FREE Credit Structure
Action Credits comments
Member link displayed 1 per member link
Member link click thru 3 per click thru
Ad link click thru 3 per click thru
New member recruited 10 per signup
Up to a maximum of
200 credits per month

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